Cirque tsigane Romanes

Cirque tsigane Romanes - Delia Romanes

Cirque tsigane Romanes


A day at Cirque Romanès:

Cirque Romanès:
Lignes de la main jusqu'au coude (Palm lines up until your elbow)

  • Until 01.05.2013 : PARIS (France) / BRAND NEW SHOW!! under Cirque Romanès' big top, 42-44 boulevard de Reims, 75017 Paris / more information (in french)
  • Alexandre and Délia Romanès and their children make circus like their breathe. Since always they come and go on the roads with their tent and caravans, to share moments of happiness and magic with everyone they meet.

    Alexandre comes from a big circus family, his wife Délia is an exceptional romanian singer. Together, accompanied by their kids, relatives and friends, they create shows at their image, mixing circus, music and tsigane party, fiery, longing for liberty, full of generosity.

    Come into their tent: Delia soon appears on stage, wearing a colourful dress, royal, surrounded by her faithful musicians. Her voice is in turns powerful like a tempest, mischievous, or so sweet your heart melts. It fills in the whole space of the tent. The whole Romanès family is there too, listening, cheering on, stomping and clapping. In the middle of the ring, the children of Délia and Alexandre and international circus artists perform poetic acts that will achieve to make you lose the sense of time and space. It's time to eat a home-made doughnut, have a glass, and dance all night on wild gipsy music!


    Red tent, ring-carpet with colourful curls, sweet cotton curtains for the dressing rooms: at Romanes' everything is simplicity and warmth... and the spectator has the feeling to be part of the family from the start. The tsigane tribe is back in France with a new show that vibrates with joyful and fiery energy. Powerful strings and voice, varied acts performed by the whole family - including the smallest ones... From hoops to trapeze and tightrope walking, circus is here, without any fuss, with total genuineness in each move. The graceful dancer or the funny juggler are enchanting. Télérama

    It's a big top in the very heart of Paris. On the ring, no drum rolls, but a tsigane orchestra that tears your heart. No vertiginous feats, but very charming raw acts that left performance to others. No wild animals, but an old goat that makes the audience burst into laughter right after the tears. You don't know where you are anymore, you just want to enter the ring and dance. Le Point

    You think of Tony Gatlif's or Kusturica's movies. But you're not in a movie. You're in a circus. Captivated and dazzled. Out of the world. Out of time. In the time of gipsies. La Croix

    Alexandre Romanès is everywhere, giving a rope here, a carpet there. Delia, his love, sings poignant or devilish songs. Nobody knows if it started on time, nor when it'll end. Circus acts rush on the ring, in front of the whole group. The boa-lady is knitting, and the imposing grand-mother is holding a very young child on her laps. Doughnuts and warm wine for everyone. Le Monde

    If you go to Cirque Romanès, not only you will see a circus show, but you will also share for a moment the life of out-of-time characters. La Boîte à sorties

    It's not one of those "new circuses", nor a "traditional circus", no, it's home-made circus, fiddled with very simple things, where tsigane music leads the bal, holds a dialogue with balls, ropes and acrobatics. Cheerful and poignant. Libération



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