Teatro del Silencio - Emma Darwin

Teatro del Silencio - Emma Darwin - photo Tito Gonzales
© photo Tito Gonzales

Teatro del Silencio - Emma Darwin - photo © Christ de Roche
© photo Christ de Roche

Teatro del Silencio - Emma Darwin


Editor: Tito Gonzalez

Teatro del Silencio:
Emma Darwin

Since 1990, the french-chilean company Teatro del Silencio under the direction of Mauricio Celedon has been creating unclassifiable shows exploring the twists and turns of our common past and future. Through mime art, dance, theatre, circus, music, visual arts, etc. they invent a total theatre of bodies and minds, performed in public space or in theatres, taking you on a journey from which you'll never come out quite the same.

Their brand new production Emma Darwin is inspired by the life and work of Charles Darwin, seen through the eyes of his wife Emma. It's an occult poem, a visual exploration of the great thinker's life, whose discoveries have shattered science, philosophy, religion and mankind... and continue to do so until today. A voyage that will take you to the very wild heart of Patagonia.


Ecstatic trance yesterday at Le Parapluie for the first performance in Aurillac of "Emma Darwin", Teatro del Silencio's new production. Inspired by the illustrious figure of Charles Darwin and essentially guided by his wife Emma, the show has a baroque, plural and colourful aesthetic: omnipresent choreography, set made of videos and mime art as a global language. From that philosophical revolution, Teatro del Silencio weaves a solid and coherent visual fresco, mixing mankind and animality in one long primal dance. La Montagne

The show is made of little scenes that appear one after the other at a fast pace. The scenography is perfect: videos, dream-like costumes and set (such as this grand piano turned into a boat), music from Chopin... Everything converges to create a total immersion into scientific 19th century. The images of that silent show are sublime: an old man dragging rabbits in a glassbox ; women wearing english lace dancing and then chased like does and dismembered ; a chained-up black man in the nude coming out of a cage like a reminiscence of indigenous people in human zoos... Tribal rituals, stuffed monkeys, bride in a cage with doves like vanitas... It all shows an harmonious artistic research, as visual as it's musical. Barbara Petit, Théâtre du blog


Download Emma Darwin's presentation (PDF, 450 Ko)

Artistic direction: Mauricio Celedon
Dramaturgy: Eugène Durif and Mauricio Celedon
Choreography: Lhacen Hamed Ben Bella
Video: Tito Gonzales
Scenography: Marcelo Pizzaro, Miguel Vera
Costumes: Claudia Verdejo
Original music: Bobixe, Jean-Michel Raussou, Favio Villaroel
Lighting: Christophe Schaeffer and David Bouttenot
Sound: Francisco Araya
With: Carla Echeverria, Claire Joinet, Julie Jourdes, Yasmin Lepe, Karelle Prugnaud, Lhacen Hamed Ben Bella, Luis Hormazabal, Felipe Jofre
Coproduction and residencies: Regard et Mouvement, Pontempeyrat - Les Ateliers Frappaz, Villeurbanne - Espace Jacques Prévert, Aulnay sous Bois - Le Parapluie, Aurillac - Le Fourneau, Brest - Le Moulin Fondu, Noisy le Sec - EnCours KompleXKapharnaüM, Villeurbanne - Centro cultural Matucana 100, Santiago del Chile - La Maison de l'Arbre, Montreuil.
Thanks to: Jean-Louis Lacarra, Hugo Lecanu, Alejandro Vasquez, Tarvel biomasse plateforme Ecopôle Tarvel de Décines, Espace culturel Les 26 couleurs, Ville de St Fargeau Ponthierry, Museo nacional de historia natural Santiago del Chile.
With the support of: Ministère de la culture et de la communication / DRAC Auvergne - DMDTS aide à la la résidence de production 2009 arts de la rue - Gobierno del Chile / DIRAC.

WEBSITE www.teatrodelsilencio.net

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